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Auto Insurance Estimates Made Easy

There are many factors that go into the car we choose to purchase. We will probably consider its size, its safety features, its color, and the number of cup holders that it has. But have you ever considered the insurance that will be required? Different cars will get different auto insurance estimates. In fact there are many factors that will decide the insurance rate that you get. Here are some of the most common factors.

Color. Yes, color will make a difference in your insurance rate. Red is a color that most insurance companies flag. A red car will draw more attention and possibly more tickets. If you want to keep your insurance down, stay away from bright colors like red and yellow.

Safety. Another thing that will influence auto insurance estimates is the vehicles safety features. If the car comes equipped with an anti-theft device, anti-lock brake system, air bags, or other safety feature the insurance company will lower your rate. The safer you are the less the insurance company will feel at risk.

Year and model. Buying a new car will often get you a lower rate. Newer cars will have less problems, and therefore cost less to inure. The older your car is the more likely it will have mechanical problems, this will raise your insurance. The model will also influence your rate. If you buy a sports car your rate will be higher then if you buy a minivan, because a sports car is more likely to drive faster.

Driving record. Just as the vehicle you purchase will influence are insurance rate, so does the way you drive. If you have a clean record with no traffic violations you will have a lower rate. Companies generally look at your driving record for the past three years when they figure out your estimate. If you are a safe driver, they will give you a lower rate.

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